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Surname Imbsweiler - Meaning and Origin

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Imbsweiler: What does the surname Imbsweiler mean?

The last name Imbsweiler is of German origin and is derived from the word "imbiz" meaning "an inhabitant of an inn". This likely translates into English as "innkeeper", which was likely the original occupation of the first person to adopt this surname. Imbsweiler has evolved into a surname found in the United States, Switzerland, and Germany.

In the United States, Imbsweiler is often found in Wisconsin with most of the population scattered throughout the Midwest. It is thought to have originated in Switzerland, where the surname is still quite common, due to its close proximity to Germany. The name is especially popular in the German state of Baden-Württemberg where it is highly concentrated.

The Imbsweiler surname is quite unique; many documents from centuries ago show that the use of this surname as a family name is quite rare and only found in certain parts of Europe. Imbsweiler is a rare but distinct name that carries a history of occupation and origin from centuries ago. Although the exact meaning has been lost to time, the Imbsweiler family can still be proud of their family name.

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Imbsweiler: Where does the name Imbsweiler come from?

The Imbsweiler (sometimes spelled Imbsweiller, Imbsville or Imbs\-\weiler) surname is most commonly found in Germany and the United States today.

The earliest Imbsweilers were found in various regions of what is today Germany. The earliest record of the Imbsweiler surname can be found in the 1500s in various parts of southern Germany, including Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria. These Imbsweilers were often found in farmsteads, with a few Imbsweilers listed as members of communities in records from that time.

The name Imbsweiler came to the United States with the immigration of a few German families at the end of the 19th century. Since then, the Imbsweiler surname has been passed down among American descendants from Germany. While American descendants of the Imbsweiler surname have spread across the country, the highest concentrations of Imbsweilers are found in the Midwest. This includes states like Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Overall, Imbsweiler is a relatively uncommon surname, both in Germany and the United States. However, it is still present in various areas of the United States and Germany. In general, there are relatively few individuals with the Imbsweiler name, but it is still found in small numbers across both countries.

Variations of the surname Imbsweiler

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Imbsweiler are as follows:

Imbsweiler is an old German surname, with various uncommon spelling variations, including Imbsheller, Impsweiler, Impswiller, Imbshiller, Embsweiler, Impsheimer, and Imbsheiler.

The etymological origins of Imbsweiler have not been definitively established, but it likely derives from the old German surname “Embleisl” or Imbschillon, meaning “rocky mountain range” or “rugged hill”.

The most common variants of the Imbsweiler name in Germany are Imbsheiller and Impsheimer. Impsheimer is especially common in areas of Germany that border France and Switzerland. It is almost always spelled with two s's. Other spellings may be found in various German areas.

In some cases, the Imbsweiler surname has been Anglicized to Embsweiler, Embryellor, Impswhilier, Impveler, Impwoeller, Impwiller, Imbshidel, Embtsweiler, Impselsweiler, Embshweiler, Impshelor, and Impseller.

Due to population movements, such as those experienced during WWII, the Imbsweiler surname can now be found all around the world.

No matter what the variant, the Impsweiler family is an old, respected family of German roots and has been well-regarded within the German community for centuries.

Famous people with the name Imbsweiler

  • Thomas Imbsweiler, a German author and critic.
  • Martin Imbsweiler, a professional ice hockey player.
  • David Imbsweiler, a former professional American football quarterback.
  • Michèle Imbsweiler, a French novelist, poet and journalist.
  • Harald Imbsweiler, a German academic and professor.
  • Christina Imbsweiler, a professional figure skater from Germany.
  • Frank Imbsweiler, a former professional soccer player.
  • Sibylle Imbsweiler, a Swiss–Argentinian psychic.
  • Erik Imbsweiler, a former German first division field hockey player.
  • Heiko Imbsweiler, a German professor and clinical psychologist.

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