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Surname Ibel - Meaning and Origin

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Ibel: What does the surname Ibel mean?

The surname Ibel is of German origin and is primarily found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is believed to be derived from the German personal name Ibil, a diminutive of Ibo. The name was also a nickname for a person who displayed a particular strength or skill.

In some cases, the surname Ibel could also be derived from the Middle High German word ible, meaning a type of forest or marshland. The surname could also be derived from the Old Norse word ívǫllr, meaning "meadow".

The earliest known record of the name can be traced to 1477, when one Johann Ibel is known to have resided in Kniebis. The Records of the city of Kassel from 1504 also record the name as Ibbel.

In modern times, the surname Ibel is found primarily in Germany and Austria, although there are records of some Ibel families who immigrated to other countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The variant spellings Ibell, Ibal, Ibelle, Ibeller, and Ibller are also seen.

People bearing this surname can be found in a variety of careers, from entrepreneurs and medical professionals to musicians, athletes, and public servants. It is also commonly found on historical documents and records, indicating that the name has been around for centuries.

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Ibel: Where does the name Ibel come from?

The last name Ibel is most commonly found in Central Europe, particularly in countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Many with the surname Ibel also live in the United States, especially in regions like the Midwest and the East Coast, though their numbers are lower here than in Europe.

Ibel is a Germanic surname that is derived from the Old Germanic name “Ibili,” which is itself derived from the personal name “Ibil” or “Ibel.” The common meaning for an Ibel is “son of the ancestor,” and in some cases, the surname Ibel can also be found as “Hibbel,” with the same general meaning.

The prevalence of the last name Ibel appears to have remained fairly consistent over time. According to geneological records, the surname Ibel has likely been in use for centuries, if not millennia, as one of the oldest surviving Ibel records can be found dating back to the year 1377. This indicates that the Ibel surname is a relatively old one and that the name can also be found in records stretching as far back as the Middle Ages.

Today, the last name Ibel is particularly common in parts of Germany, and it’s also found in many other countries around the world. Those with the Ibel surname tend to be of Germanic descent, and while exact numbers are difficult to trace, it is estimated that there are roughly 50,000 people in the world today who carry the name Ibel.

Variations of the surname Ibel

Ibel is a surname of German origin. This surname is sometimes spelled Ibele, Ybel, Ybelle, Yballe, Iball, and Ible. Other variants include Ibbels, Ibell, Ibells, Ibels, Ybbels, Ybells, and Ybels.

The Ibel/Ybel variant of the surname is more commonly found in Germany, where it originally emerged. Many people with the name Ibel in Germany are descended from the Bavarian nobility. The Ibel/Ybel surname is derived from the German word "ebel", meaning noble.

The variants Ibell, Ibells, Ibels, and Ybels are more commonly found in England. Some bearers of these variants migrated to England from Germany, while others are native English. The Ibel/Ybel variant of the surname may be derived from the old English word "irefe", meaning a boar.

Other variants of the surname, such as Ibbels and Ybbels, are found mainly in the Netherlands. Records show that bearers of this variant of the surname migrated to the region from Germany during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Ibel/Ybel surname is likely to be a variant of the also-common Ible surname. This variant of the surname is more commonly found in Ireland, but some bearers have migrated to other parts of the world. Both variants of the surname are thought to have originated with the Norman Invasion of Ireland in the 12th century. The Ibel/Ybel variant may have been adopted by some of the Norman occupants who settled in the region.

Overall, the Ibel surname has many spellings and regional variants, all of which are likely to have the same origins. However, the surnames Ible and Ibel/Ybel are likely to have distinct origins.

Famous people with the name Ibel

  • Franz Ibel, 112th bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, president of the Central Tennessee Synod, and active participant in the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).
  • Rudolf Ibel, Austrian athlete who won two medals in the 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina d’Ampezzo, winning a silver medal in the downhill and a bronze medal in the alpine skiing combined event.
  • Max Ibel, German industrialist, founded the Max Ibel company and the Ibelhochhaus (now known as the Iberohaus) in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Konrad Ibel, professor emeritus of law at the University of Trier, Germany, and a distinguished constitutional scholar.
  • Günter Ibel, Lutheran pastor and theologian from Hamburg, Germany; remembered for his efforts to promote ecumenism among churches of the Reformation (Lutheran, Reformed, and United) in the early 20th century.
  • Jan Ibel, Czech cinematographer and director, known for his work on films such as Silent Night, The Czech Dream and Dreamworld.
  • Patrik Ibel, Slovak musician and composer, known for his work on the soundtracks to television and film series such asAnatomia do Terceiro Homem and Miliónový spôsobov ako byť štastný.
  • Ivana Ibel, award-winning Canadian-Croatian artist and author, known for her installations, sculptures, and paintings such as The Long Awaited Hug.
  • Armin Ibel, award-winning German filmwriter and filmmaker, directer of the short films Street Kid and From Nowhere.
  • David Ibel, award-winning Austrian architect, known for his work on The Culture Center in Vienna, the Church of the Holy Spirit in Vienna, and the Faculty Building of the University of Vienna.

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