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Surname Ibler - Meaning and Origin

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Ibler: What does the surname Ibler mean?

The surname Ibler is of German origin and is likely derived from the Middle High German 'lobre' which means 'to love'. It is believed to have been originally used to denote someone who was well-liked or well-respected in the community. The name is associated with a variety of different locations, including parts of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary.

Throughout its history, the name Ibler has been used to refer to people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. In some cases, it has also been used to denote people who were not native to the region but who had settled in the area and adopted the name over time.

Aside from its German roots, the name Ibler has also been found in other languages, including Spanish and French, suggesting that the name wore adopted by different nationalities throughout the centuries.

The Ibler surname is associated with a variety of different trades and occupations, including builders, painters, fishermen, and farmers. It is also associated with a variety of different regions, including the German-speaking regions of Austria and Germany, as well as Switzerland, Hungary, and other parts of Europe.

Today, the name Ibler is still in use across Europe and is a sign of a long-standing German heritage. The name has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, as a result of its history and appealing sound. People with the name are often referred to as 'Iblers', a sign of its continued popularity and relevance.

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Ibler: Where does the name Ibler come from?

The last name Ibler is not a widely known surname and does not appear on many of the top surnames lists. It is most commonly found in the United States and Germany. In the United States, Ibler is most frequently found in the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Within Pennsylvania and Maryland, Ibler is most densely concentrated in the western, central, and southern regions.

The surname may have originated from an Old German root word which means ancestor. It could also be derived from the German place names Iblen or Ibel, or could be related to a nickname, possibly derived from a nickname for a lively or vivacious person.

In Germany, the surname Ibler is most commonly found in the states of Bavaria, Hesse, and Baden Wurttemberg. In Bavaria, it is most densely concentrated in the Upper Bavaria region. The surname may have originated from Iblen or Ibel, as it is documented to have been used as a surname since the 18th century in Bavaria.

Overall, the surname Ibler is not a very common one, but is mostly found in the United States and Germany. It may have originated from an Old German root word, a place name, or even a nickname for a lively person.

Variations of the surname Ibler

Ibler is an uncommon German-language surname. It is most likely derived from an Austrian-German place-name meaning "of Ibler," which is an old German phrase used to describe someone who lived near the Ibler homestead. It first appeared on the Austrian records in the mid-17th century.

Variants of Ibler include Iblar, Ibular, Ebler, Ebblar, Ebbler, and Epblar. These variants can be found in both Germany and Austria.

Spelling variations of Ibler include Iblar, Iblaher, Ibllar, Iblers, Eblere, Ebers, Iplar, Emblar, and Ebuler.

The surname Ibler is also found in other variations such as Isbader, Iblary, Aebler, Uebler, Ueblahr, Hebeler, Hepler, Heebler, and Heeple.

Ibler is also sometimes spelled Ibblar or Eplar. The rare spelling of Ebler is also found in some records, which is likely derived from the original place-name of Ibler.

Because the surname Ibler is rarely found outside of the German-speaking regions, those bearing the name are likely related. Therefore, other surnames related to Ibler could include any of its variants, as well as the aforementioned related surnames.

Famous people with the name Ibler

  • Cyril Ibler: a Czech singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Renata Ibler: a leading Croatian linguist, professor of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb.
  • Sam Ibler: an American film and television actor.
  • Dirk Ibler: a German footballer who plays for SV Straelen in the Oberliga Niederrhein.
  • Nicholas Ibler: a Canadian professional ice hockey coach and former player.
  • Karol Ibler: a Czech painter, graphic artist and collector.
  • Günther Ibler: a German illustrator and graphic artist.
  • Richard Ibler: an American author and educator.
  • John Ibler: a former American professional basketball player.
  • Václav Ibler: a Czech politician, professional soldier, author and university lecturer.

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