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Surname Ibragimov - Meaning and Origin

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Ibragimov: What does the surname Ibragimov mean?

The last name Ibragimov is a patronymic surname which originated in Russian culture. This means that it is derived from the first name of the father or other ancestor and it is not intended to indicate a family line or clan.

In its literal translation, the name Ibragimov means ‘son of Ibragim’, where ‘Ibragim’ is a form of the Arabic male name ‘Abraham’. Historically, ‘Abraham’ was a very popular name among Muslim people who lived around the Caspian Sea and in Central Asia.

The Ibragimov family is thought to have descended from a wealthy family from the area and some members of the family still speak languages such as Avaru, which originate from the region surrounding the Caspian Sea.

Today, members of the Ibragimov family are spread across different countries and cultures so the name has become varied in spelling. Variations such as Ibragimović, Ibragimoff, Ibragimova, and Ibragimova-Naumov have been found in other parts of the world.

The Ibragimov family has a rich history and cultural heritage, and in many places, the name is associated with wealth, education, and success. The ‘son of Abraham’ moniker is still seen by many as a badge of honor, and the name continues to carry significant respect in many societies.

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Ibragimov: Where does the name Ibragimov come from?

The last name Ibragimov is a common surname among many communities in Central Asia, the Caucasus, and parts of the Middle East. This includes countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

In Russia, Ibragimov is a common surname and is mainly concentrated in the Russian regions of North Caucasus, Southern Federal District and Volga Federal District. The Central Federal District also has a significant concentration of the name.

The last name Ibragimov is also found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and other Central Asian countries. It is common among various ethnic groups such as the Tatars, Azeris, Turkmens, and Uzbeks.

The name Ibragimov can also be found in many places around the world, in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany, due to the diaspora of many Central Asian and Middle Eastern communities.

In the United States, Ibragimov is an ethnically diverse surname with the largest numbers living in California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. There are also notable Ibragimov populations in Texas, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Variations of the surname Ibragimov

Ibragimov is a common surname with several variants, spellings, and surnames that are all originated from the same root. The most common variant of the Ibragimov surname is Ibrakhimov, which is often used in Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union. Other variations and spellings of the Ibragimov surname include Ibragimoff, Ibragimovski, Ibrohimov, and Ibrohimy.

In some Muslim-Turkish countries such as Azerbaijan, the same root is spelled as İbragimov, Çabrağimov, and Çobrağimov. In some Slavic countries such as Bosnia and Montenegro, the root is spelled as Ibragimovic, Ibragmovic, and Ibaramovic.

Additionally, there are some surnames stemming from the same root. They include Imamverdi, Unatovich, Kursatov, and Imamghadzhi. However, many of these surnames seem to have adopted additional roots over time and are not direct variants of Ibragimov.

Other notable surnames that have derived from Ibragimov include ÓBrahimov, Ibragimović, Ižrahimov, and İbarov. In terms of spelling, the name is also spelled as Ibragimow, Ibraimow, and İbrâgimov.

Overall, Ibragimov is a common surname that often has various variants, spellings, and derivatives in different countries and languages. Whether it is spelled Ibragimov or in one of its various other forms, the surname itself and its variants have the same origin.

Famous people with the name Ibragimov

  • Rustam Ibragimov: popular Soviet and Russian theater and film actor
  • Airat Ibragimov: 2012 Olympic boxing silver medalist
  • Khasan Ibragimov: Uzbek boxer and three-time world champion
  • Ravil Ibragimov: Kazakh chess grandmaster
  • Ali Ibragimov: Soviet and Russian swimmer who competed in the 1980 and 1984 Olympics
  • Marat Ibragimov: professional boxer from Russia
  • Azamat Ibragimov: Tatar writer and playwright
  • Shamil Ibragimov: professional boxer and seven-time world champion
  • Vener Ibragimov: professional boxer from Russia
  • Rafik Ibragimov: professional boxer from Russia
  • Gayane Ibragimova: Uzbekistani figure skater
  • Salman Ibragimov: Soviet racer cyclist
  • Vadim Ibragimov: former rugby union player who represented the Russian national team
  • Kirill Ibragimov: Kazakh-born American poet and novelist
  • Tore Ibragimov: multiple world champion in kurash, a chain grappling folk wrestling style originating from Central Asia

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