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Surname Idrissi - Meaning and Origin

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Idrissi: What does the surname Idrissi mean?

The last name Idrissi is of Arabic origin and it indicates a lineage or descent from Idris, a significant figure in Islamic history. Idris I was the first ruler of Morocco and a great-grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was known for spreading Islam in Morocco and founding the city of Fes. In addition, Idris is also portrayed as a prophet in the Quran. Thus, bearers of the surname Idrissi can be seen as descendants or followers of Idris. This surname is particularly popular among people from Morocco, Algeria, and other North African countries where Arabic is widely spoken. It can also be found among people of Middle Eastern descent. In general, the name Idrissi reflects a lineage tied to Islamic history and tradition.

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Idrissi: Where does the name Idrissi come from?

The last name Idrissi is a common family name found primarily in North Africa and the Middle East regions. It is most popular in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia but can also be found in small numbers in other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Libya, and the United Arab Emirates. The name is believed to be of Arabic origin and may have originated under the rule of the Idrisid dynasty. The dynasty was a dynasty of the first Moroccan state and extended from 788 to 974.

The name is found among many other Arabic speaking peoples, and carries with it associations of nobility and honor, as the original bearers of the name were of high social standing.

In Morocco, the name is widespread. According to linguistic experts, the name is thought to mean "descendent of Idris" and is marked by two distinct pronunciation variations - the name Idrissi often being pronounced "e-drissi", while Idrisi is more commonly pronounced "e-dree-see", due to traditional Arabic pronunciation rules.

Today, the name is common among Arab and Berber Jews in Morocco, as well as among Muslims, the Lebanese, and in other North African and Middle Eastern countries. As well, the name is popular in the diaspora and is found commonly in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia.

Variations of the surname Idrissi

The surname Idrissi is a patronymic name derived from the given name Idris, which means “lord” in Arabic. The name is most common in the Maghreb region of North Africa, and is also found in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

Variant spellings of the surname Idrissi include Idrissy, Drissi, Drissy, Drissie, Drissay, Drissye, Idirisy, and Idrisi.

The surname also exists in other languages, namely French, such as Drissi, Drissie, Drissaye, Drissaye-Idrissi, Idrissi, Idrissie, and Idrissy. It has also been noted in several surnames in Lebanon, such as Idriss and Drissi.

It has been suggested that some forms of the name Idrissi may be derived from the Berber Lukiza tribe of Morocco. Other members of the Lukiza tribe are known to have taken the surname Lukiza, based on the same given name Idris.

In Arabic-speaking countries, such as Morocco, Mauritania, and Algeria, the surname Idrissi is sometimes written as إدريسي, Edrisi, Drisi, or دريسي.

In some countries, such as Spain, the name is also documented as Idrissí.

The various spellings of the Idrissi surname can be found in many countries around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, India, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, and Oman.

Famous people with the name Idrissi

  • Ayoub Idrissi: Moroccan-Dutch professional football winger who plays for Excelsior.
  • Artur Idrissi: Spanish professor, author, and documentary filmmaker.
  • Rabah Idrissi: Algerian artist and photographer.
  • Abdellah Idrissi: Moroccan footballer who plays for Wydad Casablanca.
  • Adil Idrissi: Moroccan footballer who plays for French side Dunkerque.
  • Yassine Idrissi: Moroccan footballer who plays for Al-Faisaly in Saudi Arabia.
  • Marouane Idrissi: Dutch professional footballer who plays for Willem II in the Netherlands.
  • Najat Idrissi Akkaoui: Moroccan-French former competitive runner who was a bronze medalist in the 1997 IAAF World Cross Country Championships.
  • Ghaïs Idrissi: Iranian documentary filmmaker and broadcaster.
  • Abdelmalek Idrissi: Moroccan footballer who plays for Mechelen in Belgium.
  • Aïssa Idrissi: Canadian writer, playwright, and author of short stories and essays.
  • Widad Idrissi Akkaoui: Moroccan professional athlete and 400-meter hurdler.
  • Amine Idrissi: Moroccan footballer who plays for FC Liefering in Austria.
  • Rachid Idrissi: Moroccan footballer who currently plays for the Spanish club Real Oviedo.
  • Younes Idrissi: Moroccan professional footballer who plays for Dutch side Ajax.

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