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Surname Iantevi - Meaning and Origin

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Iantevi: What does the surname Iantevi mean?

Iantevi is a surname of Romanian origin, derived from the name Ioan. In Romania, the name Ioan is thought to come from the Latin name Joannes, which is the equivalent of John in English.

Ioan is one of the most common Romanian names and can be found in many variations, including Iantevi. Iantevi is most often found in the eastern region of Romania, as well as the neighboring countries of Moldova and Ukraine.

In Romanian, the name Iantevi translates to 'God is gracious.' This is a common name element in many Eastern European countries, reflecting the importance of Christianity in their cultures. As such, it's no surprise that Iantevi is tied to the Christian tradition.

The name Iantevi is often associated with a hardworking and creative spirit. People with this surname are often passionate, independent, and determined. Since this is a common surname in Romania, it has become to symbolize strength, loyalty, and honour.

Iantevi is a patronymic surname, meaning it signifies a generational connection. It is an indicator of a long family line that has passed down shared values and traditions. The name Iantevi is a source of pride in the Romanian community and continues to be respected and recognized.

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Iantevi: Where does the name Iantevi come from?

The last name Iantevi is a relatively rare name today. It is thought to have originated in the Republic of North Macedonia or Montenegro, likely as a variant of the surnames Iantev or Iantov. It is still relatively common among those countries as well as regions such as Croatia and Serbia.

In the United States, the last name Iantevi is primarily found in the Northeastern region, particularly in New York and New Jersey. According to the US Census Data, there are currently less than 50 people in the United States with this last name. The Iantevi surname is also present in Canada in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Overall, the Iantevi last name is considered to be a rare name today. It is most commonly found in East and Southeast European countries including North Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Serbia. In the North America, the last name is primarily found in the Northeastern region of the United States and in some cities in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Variations of the surname Iantevi

Iantevi is an uncommon surname originating from the ancient Greek name Ianthe. Its alternative spellings include Ianteve, Iantiva and Iantiwa. The variant surnames based on the same origin are Iantivis, Iantevios, Iantevidis and Iantevik.

Ianteve is the name derived from the Latin variation, Ianthe. The spelling originates from the Latin word 'iam,' which is a combination of the Greek words "ia" meaning "moon" and "anthos" meaning "flower." As a result, the meaning of Ianthe is "violet flower" or "moon flower." This spelling is primarily used in Aromanian, a Romance language spoken mainly in some areas of Romania, Macedonia and Albania.

Iantiva is an alternative spelling of Ianthe, its Latin variant. It is pronounced as "ee-an-ti-wa". The root of this spelling comes from the same Greek words “ia” meaning “moon” and “anthos” meaning “flower”. The meaning of this spelling is "violet flower" or "moon flower." The spelling is more commonly used among Aromanian-descended families.

Iantevios is a derivative of the Latin spelling of the name Ianthe. The origin and meaning are the same as Ianthe. The spelling is predominant in Greece, mainly among Greek Orthodox families.

Iantevidis is a derivative of the Latin spelling, Ianthe. The origin and meaning of the name are similar to the Ianthe variant. This spelling is prevalent in the Greek Orthodox community.

Iantevik is a derivative of the Latin spelling, Ianthe. The origin and meaning of the name are the same as Ianthe. The spelling is the dominant among Aromanian-descended families.

Famous people with the name Iantevi

  • Andrea Iantevi, Italian American designer
  • Andrea Iantevi, Italian Voice Actress
  • Liliana Iantevi, Romanian Actress
  • Constantin Iantevi, Romanian Former Member of Parliament
  • Valentin Iantevi, Romanian Singer
  • Cristi Iantevi, Romanian Football Player
  • Sergiu Iantevi, Moldovan Professional Volleyball Player
  • Dimitrie Iantevi, Romanian World War II Veteran
  • Vasilica Iantevi, Romanian Philanthropist
  • Gheorghe Iantevi, Romanian Painter

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