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Surname Iltschenko - Meaning and Origin

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Iltschenko: What does the surname Iltschenko mean?

The last name Iltschenko is a toponymic name, derived from a place name in Russia. Records from the 17th century cite the Iletskyi Court of Novgorod governors as the origin point of this surname. It comes from a combination of two words: 'i' (eel) and 'lets' (river). In some dialects of Russian, the 'l' may be replaced with an 'r' (such as Ilrtschenko).

The suffix ‘chenko’ somewhat resembles the Polish ‘ski’ or the Czech ‘ský’, and is almost always used to indicate a patronymic. Therefore, the last name Iltschenko is derived from the patronymic of an individual who lived near the Iletskyi River. This doesn’t necessarily indicate direct lineage, as surnames were sometimes adopted to indicate that one lived near the place name, rather than being derived from it.

The surname is most commonly found in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania and also in many other European countries. It has been spotted in the United States and Canada as well. Iltschenko is pronounced Ill-TCHEN-ko and is an old-fashioned sounding name.

Overall, the last name Iltschenko refers to individuals who are natives of a place near the Iletskyi River. It is a patronymic last name, derived from the combination of two Russian words. The surname is most commonly found in Eastern European countries like Russia and Ukraine, but can also be spotted in Eurasian countries as well as North America.

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Iltschenko: Where does the name Iltschenko come from?

The surname Iltschenko is most commonly found in Ukraine and Russia today. It is a patronymic name derived from the given name Ilya or Ilyana, which was adopted from the Greek name Elias. The name means "Yahweh is my God".

The exact origins of the Iltschenko surname are not known. According to researchers, it may be a patronymic (derived from a personal name) or even a nickname. What is known is that the name has been found in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Slavic countries from the 1700s.

Iltschenko is a popular surname in Ukraine and it is estimated that 10,000 people have this surname in this Eastern European country. In addition, it is among the top 1000 surnames in Russia, and is the206th most popular surname in Belarus. It is also popular among eastern Europeans from other countries, including Moldova.

It is possible to find various variations of the name, for example Ilchinsky, Iltsencko, and Ilchenko, among others.

It is likely to find Iltschenko families belonging to the Eastern Orthodox church due to their high proportion in Eastern Europe. Also, and according to records, this surname may be associated with intellectual professions such as teachers, lawyers, engineers and scientists thanks to their high literacy rate in the region.

In conclusion, the surname Iltschenko is a popular surname in Eastern Europe and is most common in Ukraine and Russia. It is estimated that about 10,000 people have this surname in Ukraine, while it is among the top 1000 surnames in Russia. It is likely to find families belonging to the Eastern Orthodox church due to their high proportion in Eastern Europe and it may be associated with intellectual professions such as teachers, lawyers, engineers and scientists thanks to their high literacy rate in the region.

Variations of the surname Iltschenko

The surname “Iltschenko” is commonly spelt in several different forms, depending on language and geographical region. The most common derivatives of the surname include the following: Iltchenko, Ilttschenko, Ilchchenko, Illtschenko, Iltchko, Ilchko, Illchko, Iltschko, Ilytschenko, and Il’ytschenko.

In Russian, the surname “Iltschenko” is usually transliterated as “Ильценко”, which is similar to the original form. The phonetic transcription of the name in Russian is “EE-letter-TSE-NKO”.

The corresponding surnames in other Slavic languages such as Ukrainian are “Ільценко”, and “Ільченко”. Other common forms of the surname within Slavic countries, include the following: Il’chenko, Il’chechenko, Ilchenko, Illchenko, Ilchenskij, Il’chenko, Ill’chenko, and Ill’chik.

The surname is also represented in other countries and languages by different spellings. For example, in India, the surname is spelled “Illtchenko”. Similarly, in the U.S. the surname is spelled “Iltchko” or “Illtschenko”. The corresponding derivatives in other languages include “Ilczko” (Polish), “Illtschenko” (Czech), “Illichko” (Bulgarian), “Ulytshenko” (Belarusian), and “Ulichenko” (Ukrainian).

Variants of the surname “Iltschenko” also include the following: Illiachenko, Illyachenko, Iliachenko, Illiachuk, Illiaczko, Illiatchouk, Illiachuk, Illiatchenko, Illiiatchenko, Illiatchuk, Illitchenko, Illitschenko, Ilichiuk, Iljackko, Illichuk, Illitchenko, Illyatchenko, Illychko, Ilchenko, Ilitschuk, and Ilyichuk.

Famous people with the name Iltschenko

  • Maria Iltschenko: Ukrainian alpine skier.
  • Svetlana Illtschenko: Russian backstroke swimmer and multiple-time world record holder.
  • Elena Iltschenko: retired Russian middle-distance runner, a former world record holder in the 1500 metres.
  • Dmitry Iltschenko: Soviet-born Russian football defender.
  • Nikita Iltschenko: Russian football player who plays for FC Tobol Kostanay.
  • Vyacheslav Iltschenko: Former Ukrainian football midfielder who is last known to have managed Ukrainian Second League club FC Knyazha Schaslyve in 2010.
  • Irina Illtschenko: Soviet diver and Olympic bronze medalist.
  • Roman Illtschenko: Russian pops, rock, and folk singer and songwriter.
  • Anatoly Iltschenko: Soviet and Russian composer, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation.
  • Oleg Iltschenko: Writer, poet and publisher; laureate of the Pushkin Prize.

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