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Surname Illson - Meaning and Origin

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Illson: What does the surname Illson mean?

The last name Illson is of Germanic origin. It is derived from the Old Norse term "illr- sonr", which means "bad son". The surname likely began as pejorative nickname, given to someone who was either difficult to get along with or had a bad reputation. It is thought that the name developed when the migration of Germanic tribes into Scandinavia occurred in the 5th and 6th centuries.

The meaning of the name Illson shifted over time, and eventually it became a given name or surname. Today, the meaning of the name is often translated as "a son of ill luck", although it can also be interpreted to mean "a son of fair or noble rank".

The surname Illson can be found in Northern Europe, particularly in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

When people with the Illson surname emigrated to America, it was typically Americanized into forms such as Ellson or Ellison.

The Illson name appears to be a rare surname, as there are less than 2,000 individuals with the name across the globe. But, it is still in use today, with some people using it as a surname and others still using it for a given name.

It is an interesting name with an evocative history, which is not always easy to discern. The association with "ill luck" may be the source of the name's continued rarity. However, it still has the power to fascinate and remains a part of both Scandinavian heritage and global culture.

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Illson: Where does the name Illson come from?

The last name Illson is not especially common today and it is found most predominantly in the United Kingdom, with a few families having ties to the United States. The earliest recorded occurrence of the last name was in Buckinghamshire, England in 1273 by the name of William and the last name is derived from an old Anglo-Saxon personal name.

Illson is a rare and unique last name nowadays and it has not been discovered to have spread to any other countries, with those who surname to carry it being quite insular. Many members of the Illson family reside in London, with Camden Town and Islington being particularly notable, and in the counties of Kent, Hampshire, Monmouthshire and Surrey.

In the United States, there are families in North Carolina, Georgia, and New Jersey with the Illson last name. There are also other rare cases of the Illson name in the states of Vermont, Illinois, and Texas.

Overall, the Illson last name is rare and unique and although it is found in small numbers today, it has a deep and rich history that stretches back to the 12th century.

Variations of the surname Illson

Illson is a surname with many variants, spellings, and alternative spellings. The most common variants and alternative spellings for Illson are Illison, Ellson, Ellison, Ellisson, Illeson, Elleson, Ellisson, Ilson, and Eliot. All of them are derived from the same root ("Illi-") and have a history in the English language, stretching as far back as 1200-1300 A.D.

Illson can also have a few different surnames of the same origin that are related to Illson itself. Namely, these surnames are Elson, Ellwell, Ellwells, and Ellwood. All of these are derivatives of the Illson name, including spellings and variation in spelling of Illson. Over the centuries, these variants have been developed in a few different ways, including the addition of an extra letter or word (ex. Ellwood instead of Illson) and variations in pronunciation or spelling (ex. Ellwells instead of Ellwood).

In general, Illson is a very ancient surname with a few branches that have evolved in different directions through the years. As one of the oldest surnames in the English language, Illson is very unique and stands out from other names due to its varied landscape of spellings and alternative spellings.

Famous people with the name Illson

  • Debbie Ilson: British actress best known for her role in the soap opera Coronation Street.
  • Trudy Ilson: retired figure skater and two-time British National Champion.
  • Matthew Ilson: English actor, best known for appearing in a variety of television series including Call the Midwife and The Borgias.
  • Edward Ilson: English actor, best known for roles in the West End and on British and international stage productions.
  • Ernest Ilson: British composer and music teacher.
  • Clarence Ilson: Australian composer, musicologist and educator.
  • Daniel Ilson: Broadway actor and singer.
  • Richard Ilson: English composer and film score arranger.
  • Robert Ilson: British film producer and director.
  • John Ilson: British military man, best remembered for his service in World War I.
  • Lesley Ilson: British actress known for her stage performances and many television appearances.
  • Ciaran Ilson: British guitarist, best known as the lead guitarist of the English rock band Muse.
  • Arthur Ilson: British portrait painter and commercial photographer.
  • Stewart Ilson: British composer and pianist.
  • Jonathan Ilson: British playwright, best known for writing the plays Roundabout and A Day at the Races.
  • Stephen Ilson: English orchestral and choral conductor.
  • Christopher Ilson: British human rights advocate and social reformer.

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