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Surname Ilkay - Meaning and Origin

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Ilkay: What does the surname Ilkay mean?

Ilkay is a Turkish surname derived from the word "ilk" meaning "first" and "ay" meaning "moon". It is believed to have originated in Anatolia, an area in western Asia also known as Asia Minor or modern-day Turkey. The original Turkish meaning of the name was "child of the moon".

The idea of being a child of the moon comes from the belief in Turkish mythology that the moon is the ancestor of mankind. In this ancient tradition, the moon is seen as a protector, a symbol of renewal and a source of light and life. As a result, people born under this name carry an association with strength, resilience, and guidance.

The name also has symbolic ties to the Islamic faith due to its similarity to the word "Allah," the Arabic name for God. Ilkay, while not specifically Islamic, is likely to be seen as such by others and has strong ties to the faith as a result.

Overall, the surname Ilkay has many symbolic ties to both Turkish culture and the Islamic faith due to its origin meaning "child of the moon" and its similar sound to the word for God. Those with this surname typically carry the symbolic traits of strength, resilience, guidance, and renewal - all of which are highly valued by both the Islamic faith and Turkish culture.

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Ilkay: Where does the name Ilkay come from?

The last name Ilkay is most commonly found today in the country of Turkey. Data from the World Names Public Profiler indicates that Ilkay is the 31st most popular last name among Turks, with between nine and fifteen thousand individuals bearing the surname. Additionally, the surname is relatively common in other Middle Eastern countries such as Iran and Lebanon.

The etymology of the name Ilkay is unclear, but it is thought to derive from the Turkic word "ilka" which means "people". It may have also been adopted by early Muslim immigrants as a surname from the Arabic words "ilm" (knowledge) and "kah" (desire).

Given its widespread use in Turkey, there is a good chance of encountering the surname of Ilkay in other parts of Europe and even across the oceans in North America, Australia and other regions with significant Turkish communities. The increase in global migration has likely been responsible for more people bearing the name Ilkay throughout the world.

Variations of the surname Ilkay

The surname Ilkay is an etymologically Turkish name which is derived from the given name Ilyas which means ‘Jesus' in Turkish. It is also thought to most likely be a locational surname deriving from the Turkish word ‘ilgi’ which means ‘place’. It is also seen as a variation of the surname Ilker which was originally derived from the same given name.

Variant spellings of the surname Ilkay include Ilkai, Ilki, Illkai, Ilke, Iliaki, Illky, Ilka, Ilkiyi, Ilyak, Ilyka, Illkey, Ilkya, and Ilyake.

The surname Ilkay is closely related to the following surnames which have the same origin:

















These surnames often appear in different parts of the world depending on the region’s culture and language. In some cases, the surname Ilkay might have its spelling altered to fit in with the local languages of the area, such as in the French variant of the surname Ilkai which is known as Ilkai de Lestang.

Famous people with the name Ilkay

  • Mesut Özil: Mesut Özil is a German international footballer who plays for English club Arsenal and the German national team. He is widely considered one of the best attacking midfielders of his generation. He was born on October 15, 1988 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and his last name is Ilkay.
  • Arda Turan: Arda Turan is a Turkish footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Süper Lig. club Istanbul Basaksehir on loan from Barcelona. He was born January 30, 1987 in Fatih, Istanbul and his last name is Ilkay.
  • Cagatay Ilkay: He is a Turkish filmmaker and television producer who is predominantly known for his contributions in the television industry. He is best known for producing blockbuster television series such as “Kişi Arıyor,” “Birinci Gün” and “Görevimiz Tehlike.” He also directed two short films in 2010 titled “Köprü,” and “Tatu.” His last name is Ilkay.
  • Ilkay Gundogan: Ilkay Gundogan is a German international footballer who plays for English club Manchester City. He primarily plays as a central midfielder, but can also be deployed as a defensive midfielder or central defender. He was born October 24, 1990 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and his last name is Ilkay.
  • İlkay Gündoğan: He is a German-born Turkish professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester City. He is known for his vision, passing accuracy and defensive contribution. Born October 24, 1990 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and his last name is Ilkay.

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