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Surname Illston - Meaning and Origin

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Illston: What does the surname Illston mean?

The last name Illston is of English origin and is derived from the old English personal name Illa or Ella. It is believed to have come from the pre-7th century Germanic name element "aelf", which means elf. The name Illston is also linked to the Latin word illithastrum, which means 'haunt of elves'.

In the Middle Ages, Illston was an established family name in the region of Yorkshire, England. It is recorded in the Yorkshire Poll Tax of 1379, with the spelling of Illestone. The coat of arms associated with the Illston family features a silver stake on a blue field.

Illston is related to a host of other English surnames, such as Elston and Ellison. It changed over time due to the frequent spelling variations of names in records. It is thought to have been derived from the languages Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, and Old Norse.

The meaning of Illston is thought to be 'family of the elf'. This is likely due to the elf-like creatures popular in old folklore and mythology. The Illstons are likely to have taken on this name as a proud nod to the myths and stories which may have been shared in their community.

Today, the Illston name is still fairly common and is found across the world. It is also an example of how family names can tell us about the stories and cultures of the past.

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Illston: Where does the name Illston come from?

The last name Illston is not particularly common today. It is mostly found in England, Australia, and the United States.

In England, records show the name has been around since at least the 18th century, and there are still Illston families living in Great Britain today. The name is also seen prominently in the nearby Isle of Man.

In the United States, records show the name has been around since at least the mid 19th century, when it was mostly found in the states of Mississippi and South Carolina. It has since spread to other states, such as Texas, Pennsylvania, and California.

Australia also contains records of Illston going back over a century, and there are still Illston families living in the country today.

Though not ubiquitous in any geographic region, the Illston name still has some presence around the world, which speaks to the fact that it has endured across numerous generations.

Variations of the surname Illston

The surname Illston is derived from the family seat of Ilford, located in the county of Suffolk in the UK. It dates back to at least 1199, when a member of the Illston family, Robert, was listed as a patron in a legal record.

Variations of the surname Illston include Ilston, Elston, and Ilford. Ilston is the most common variation of the surname, and is derived from the Old English word "ilstune" meaning "enclosure with yew trees". Elston is thought to have evolved from Ilston and is likely a reference to the same area in Suffolk. Ilford is the most direct spelling variant of Illston and was likely taken from the town itself.

In addition to the above variations, there are several variant surnames associated with the Illston family. These include Elstons, Elson, Illsons, Ilson, Elstone, Ileson, and Ilestone.

Finally, there are several double-barrelled surnames associated with the Illston name including Illston-De Vere, Illston-Leman, and Illston-Dacre. These names are thought to have evolved over time as old family names and estates became connected or merged with the Illston family.

In conclusion, there are several variants, spellings, and surname variations associated with the Illston surname. All of these derivative surnames are thought to stem from the original Illston family seat in the county of Suffolk in the UK.

Famous people with the name Illston

  • John Illston (American film producer)
  • Tiffanie Illston (Australian model and TV presenter)
  • John Illston (English writer and critic)
  • Ed Illston (British photographer)
  • Jamie Illston (British chef)
  • Douglas Illston (English barrister)
  • Rebecca Illston (British archaeologist and professor)
  • John Illston (Australian actor)
  • Julian Illston (British art director)
  • John Illston (British graphic designer)
  • George Illston (American banker)
  • Andrew Illston (English historian)
  • Adam Illston (Australian business executive)
  • Sarah Illston (British politician)
  • Andrew Illston (British actor and director).

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