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Surname Cabla - Meaning and Origin

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Cabla: What does the surname Cabla mean?

The last name Cabla is thought to be a European surname of likely Germanic origin. It is believed to have originated as a diminutive form of the name “Cabel,” which is thought to be derived from a personal name from the Germanic elements “ca” (meaning “basket”) and “bel” (meaning “ball”). It could also possibly have derived from the element “kæbel,” which refers to a low score in target shooting, or the Latin “cabulare”, meaning “to buy” or “to purchase”.

The surname Cabla could have been used to signify a person who was skilled in target shooting, or was involved in purchasing or bargaining. In German, Cabla is also the term for a type of stopper used to temporarily seal wooden containers such as barrels, barrels, or bottles; so the surname can refer to a person who used such stoppers or was employed in the making of them.

Various spellings of the last name Cabla are found in Europe, and variations of it are found in Spain, France, and Italy. The surname might have been given to a person who traveled from their homeland to another part of Europe, or possibly to a person who was of foreign origin from another country.

The Cabla surname is fairly uncommon, but it is still in use today, primarily in Europe.

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Cabla: Where does the name Cabla come from?

The Cabla family name is most common today in Italy, particularly in the regions of Lombardy, Sicily, and Naples. According to records found on the Italian genetic database, much of the Cabla family tree is originally from Lombardy.

The first members of the Cabla family that appear in records are from Calolziocorte, a municipality in Lombardy, in the period between 1650 and 1700. Today, many of their descendants still live in the area and its surrounding towns and villages.

There are also records of Cablas settling in Sicily in the 19th century. Most of them were farmers and it's likely that they originated from Lombardy, perhaps on a quest for better work and living opportunities.

In the 1920s, several members of the Cabla family immigrated to Argentina, mostly from the region of Naples. Once in South America, they spread out to other countries such as Uruguay and Chile.

The Cabla family has also been found in the United States. Records show that some members of the family emigrated in the early 20th century, settling in major cities like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

Overall, the Cabla family is most commonly found in Italy, although its members have also been found in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and the United States. The origins of the Cabla family can be traced to the region of Lombardy, from which they spread to other countries in search of better opportunities.

Variations of the surname Cabla

The origin of the surname Cabla is a Spanish derivation of the medieval Latin surname ‘Capitanei’ meaning ‘captain’ and ‘chapel’. It is a patronymic surname meaning ‘son of the captain’ and was originally used to distinguish members of the same family.

Variants of the surname Cabla include Cabral and Cabrales, which are Hispano-Portuguese spellings of the original surname. In Spain, the name has become ‘Cabello’ or ‘Cabellos’, while in Catalan the name is spelt ‘Capdevila’. Other variants are Capdevil, Capdevilla, Caballero and Cabra.

Further spellings of Cabla include Caplan, Kaplan, Caplinski, Kaplinski and Kaplin. In Jewish origin, the surname is spelt Cabli, and in Italian, ‘Caballa’ and ‘Cabala’ are mostly used.

In England, the surname has been changed to Cameron, never legally changed but absorbed through language distortion over time. Cambell is also a popular variant of Cabla in English. In Scotland, the name took the form of ‘cablair’ and ‘cabull’ while in Ireland the variant ‘Cabaley’ is more popular.

The different spellings of Cabla can be confusing, but by understanding the bilingualism of the surname we can see how it has evolved, adapted and spread over time.

Famous people with the name Cabla

  • Gabriela Cabla-Carrasco: Peruvian journalist and writer
  • Alex Cabla: American comedian and actor
  • Carlos Cabla: Spanish football defender
  • Vanessa Cabla: Dominican-American ballerina and dance instructor
  • Ela Cabla: Netherlands-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist
  • Melissa Cabla: Venezuelan musician
  • Nick Cabla: American dancer and choreographer
  • Tom Cabla: British artist and sculptor
  • Andres Cabla: Uruguayan guitarist and composer
  • Evelin Cabla: Filipino actress
  • Francisco Cabla: Spanish writer and journalist
  • Stephanie Cabla: American blogger and travel vlogger
  • Fabian Cabla: Chilean actor
  • Julian Cabla: American singer and dancer
  • Rasul Cabla: Yemeni translator and poet
  • Daniel Cabla: Brazilian musician
  • Natalia Cabla: Uruguayan academic
  • Kim Cabla: Canadian professional mixed martial artist
  • David Cabla: American cinematographer
  • Keila Cabla: Argentinian visual artist

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