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Surname Çaballa - Meaning and Origin

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Çaballa: What does the surname Çaballa mean?

The last name Çaballa is of Spanish origin and is derived from the word caballo, which means “horse” in Spanish. This name is most commonly found among people from the Basque region of Spain, where it is especially prevalent in the autonomous community of Navarra and the provinces of Vizcaya and Navarra. It is believed that the name was originally derived from someone who was known to be a good horseman, or who had an affinity for the majestic animal.

The name has also spread to other countries like Equatorial Guinea, where it is popular among the Basque-speaking population present in the region. Records show that the family name has been present in this region since the 12th century. In some cases, the name Çaballa was anglicized as Caballo.

Many people with the last name Çaballa have gone on to have successful careers in a variety of areas. Examples include the athlete Smara Çaballs, who won the 2000 Olympic gold medal for Spain in women’s mountain biking, and the author, Maristy Çaballs, who wrote the book Hablando con ün, a collection of short stories about life in Equatorial Guinea.

Overall, the last name Çaballa is steeped in rich history and cultural significance. It is a reminder of the importance that horses and horsemanship still play in some parts of the world. The achievements of the Çaballa family over the centuries are a testament to its remarkable legacy.

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Çaballa: Where does the name Çaballa come from?

The last name Çaballa is common in parts of southern Europe today, particularly in Turkey and Spain. It is derived from the Latin word cappella, which refers to a hooded cloak often worn by priests during religious ceremonies. In Spain, Çaballa is most commonly found in the provinces of Aragon, Valencia, and Madrid.

In Turkey, the name is also spelled as Caballo or Cabaya. It is particularly common in the central Anatolian region, as well as in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. In fact, the surname is thought to have originated in the country; records indicate that the Cabaya family were among the first families to move from Anatolia to Spain in the 13th century.

The Cabaya name is also found in the Philippines, Tunisia, and other countries in North Africa. It is thought that the surname was introduced to these regions by those who left Spain for economic, political, and religious reasons. People with the last name Cabaya are still found in many of these locations today.

Variations of the surname Çaballa

The surname Çaballa is a Spanish surname, and it is written in many different ways. Primarily, it is seen as Caballa or Caballà in Spanish. Variants of the name are also seen as Caballes and Cabal in Castilian and Aragonese. Other variants might include Caballo, Caballer, Caballero, Caballe, and Caballeres, all of which are still pronounced Çaballa.

Other variations of the surname Çaballa can be seen in Latin American countries, especially in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. In Mexico, it is written as Caballe, Caballes, Cabal, Cabala, Caballero, Cabale, and Cabalero, whereas in the Dominican Republic it can be seen as Caballa, Caballá, Caballes, Cabales, Cabal, Cabalero, and Caballero.

The name also has several phonetic variants in other languages. In Italian, the surname is typically written as Càballo and Cabellotto. In Galician, it is written as Cabaleiro, Cabale, Cabaleiros, and Cabaleiros, whereas in Portuguese it can be seen as Caballe, Cabal, Cabala, Caberal, and Cabales.

There are multiple surnames derived from the surname Çaballa, such as Caballero, Caballas, Cabali, Caballejo, Caval, Cobal, Cabadilla, Cabanillas, and Cabanilla. All these names are related to the originally Spanish surname Çaballa.

Famous people with the name Çaballa

  • Aura Caballero Çaballa: A Spanish actress best known for her roles in The Shoe, Involuntary, The Missing Star, and Share.
  • Sergio Çaballa: A professional squash player from Spain, who won the 2017 Professional Squash Association (PSA) UAE Championship.
  • Juan Carlos Çaballa: A Spanish football player who plays as a goalkeeper for Sporting de Gijón.
  • Arantxa Çaballa: A Spanish professional beach volleyball player who competed in the 2016 Olympics.
  • Víctor Çaballa: A Spanish basketball player who currently plays for Burgos Club de Baloncesto in Liga Endesa.
  • David Çaballa: A Spanish professional swimmer, who has broken several records in 50m and 100m freestyle.
  • Andoni Çaballa: A Spanish professional cyclist based in Valencia, who competed in the 2013 Tour of Turkey.
  • José Emilio Çaballa: A Spanish architect, who was awarded the European Prize for Contemporary Architecture in 2004.
  • Daniel Çaballa: A Spanish actor best known for his role in El discurso del Rey.
  • Jorge Çaballa: A Spanish poet and background music composer. His most famous works include ¡Váyase! and Melancolía.

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