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Surname Caa - Meaning and Origin

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Caa: What does the surname Caa mean?

The last name Caa is of Spanish origin and is believed to be an occupational signifier for workers in the fields and vineyards. This name was very prominent in the 15th century, when many families from the Iberian Peninsula were settling in America. It is commonly found in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Spanish speaking countries.

The meaning of this name is derived from two possible sources. First, Caa is a shortened version of "cabalero," the Spanish word for knight. Surnames like Cabrera and Caballero are derived from this same root. The second possibility is that the name stems from the word for vineyard in the Spanish language, "viña." This would make sense, as this name would have been a reference to those who worked in the vineyards.

Regardless of its origin, the surname Caa has been an important part of Spanish-speaking culture for centuries, and many elderly people still remember it fondly. It is a reminder of their ancestors, who worked so hard to make a living and leave a legacy for many generations to come.

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Caa: Where does the name Caa come from?

The last name Caa is most commonly found in the Philippines. It is believed to be of Spanish origin dating back to when the Spanish colonized the Philippines. The name is spread throughout the archipelago, but it is most common in the Visayas and Mindanao, the two southern regions of the country. It is sometimes also encountered in Filipino-American families who have emigrated to the United States.

In 2013, the Social Security Administration listed the name Caa as the 8,120th most common family name in the United States, with 1,242 people bearing the name. Of those, 1,042 were of Filipino origin. The vast majority of these persons live in California, Texas, Hawaii, and New York.

Generally speaking, people with the last name Caa are generally known to be hard-working, honest, and friendly. They have a strong focus on family and emphasize the importance of education and success in life. The social status of someone with the last name Caa is dependent on their career and achievements, so they are usually determined to be successful in whatever they do.

Variations of the surname Caa

The surname Caa is most often seen in the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean and Central and South America. In countries like Mexico and Peru, many variants of this surname can be found. Common variations of the surname Caa include, but are not limited to, Caas, Caaas, Caaba, Caabas, Caabe, Caabi, Caabar, Cabas, Caabea, Cabes, Cabec, Cabeo, Cabera, Cabez, Cabiz, Cabezas, Cabre, Caella, and Calle.

In some cases, the spelling of the surname Caa can vary depending on where it is found. In Spanish-speaking countries, the surname may also be spelled as Cáa, Coa, Coas, and Coaz. In some countries, such as Cuba, the surname is spelled Caa, with an ‘s’ at the end.

There are also many surnames that share the same origin as Caa, including Caab, Caabi, Caabu, Caabante, Caavedo, Caavestano, Cabab, Cabaddo, Cabaleiro, Cabanas, Cabanilla, Cabarde, Cabezas, Cabra, Cabrica, Cabral, and Cabrero.

The Caa surname is an ancient name believed to have originated in Portugal. Its root comes from the Latin word cava, meaning “hollow, deep”, and it is thought to have come from the family’s place of origin, which was likely near a cave. This origin of the name is obvious to some, as the ending “aa”, common in some Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician surnames, often indicates an origin in a place name.

Famous people with the name Caa

  • Maria Caa, Brazilian actress
  • Luis Caa, Argentine politician
  • Luz Caa, Colombian actress
  • Luis Enrique Caa, Dominican baseball player
  • Beatriz Caa, Uruguayan journalist
  • Eric Caa, Puerto Rican basketball player
  • Andrea Caa, Chilean musician
  • Eddie Caa, American baseball pitcher
  • Wilmer Caa, Venezuelan actor
  • Germn Caa, Bolivian footballer
  • Rubens Caa, Brazilian doctor and politician
  • Jorge Caa, Mexican football (soccer) coach
  • Jos Luis Caa, Argentine football (soccer) player
  • Walter Caa, Cuban volleyball player
  • Paulo Caa, Brazilian singer and songwriter
  • Carlos Caa, Spanish poet
  • Eduardo Caa, Spanish architect
  • Jos de Caa, Chilean attorney
  • Juan Caa, Cuban boxer
  • Marcelo Caa, Costa Rican footballer

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