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Jewish origins discovered

The suspicion that somewhere, somehow we had Jewish ancestors has wandered around my family for years. This didn't really interest me for a long time. But one day a previously unknown half-sister, who was partly Jewish, popped out of the woodwork. That interested me and I gave it some more thought. Then all of a sudden I found out that 'Grandpa' – who until then I believed was – was not my biological grandfather.
My interest was now fully aroused.
Added to that was the fact that my mother always seemed to be a little unhappy when the topic was raised because she supposedly never knew where her roots actually were.
The whole thing was complicated by the fact that nobody ever spoke about the past. It was simply hushed up.
This was so unsatisfactory that I thought something has to change, I'll start to investigate!
However, I didn't get very far because no papers existed on my mother's side. I didn't even know whether the names were genuine. At any event, my grandfather was completely unknown. My grandmother took this secret to the grave.
Then one day, I came across iGENEA. I could indulge my now huge urge to explore extensively.
First, I eagerly explored my own gene pool. Then I realised that I could have my parents tested as well (which fortunately they did).
Lots and lots of questions emerged, and the journey became more and more exciting. With the help and infinite patience of the staff at iGENEA, I could answer almost all my questions.
Ultimately, Jewish ancestry on my mother's side did emerge; this was mixed with a small percentage of Indian (probably Sinti/Roma). My father's side is of German descent, with a small percentage from the Middle East.
For me personally, it was very worthwhile because we are no longer totally in the dark. With regard to my mother, I noticed a real sense of relief because this unresolved situation had actually caused her a lot of distress.
The journey was incredibly interesting. And it continues to be exciting as the research methods are being improved all the time and because of that the accuracy of the statements.
Moreover, you can follow the progress continuously because the database is always available to you.

I'd like to say that genealogy is fun and no longer has this element of being slightly outdated.

Information about the author

Anja Pfeiffer, Germany

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This story has been published on: 20.03.2013

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05.05.2013 - Rkbert Buice

I liked the article. I plan to have my DNA checked one day. The cost is quite high, especially, for old retired people like me and my wife. If you ever have a low cost "special" please include us. Thanks rb7400@comcast.net

04.06.2013 - honey singh


02.11.2013 - Debbie

I would like to know if I have jewish ancestors ?
Will a DNA tell me that?i I thought that only men could get this information?

03.03.2015 - Karen

My records were destroyed too. I'm from Colombia, South America. My ancestors especially on my fathers side are from Spain and I am part chibcha indian. We have separdic jewish names in our family. I always felt lost about who we are. Maybe one day ill figure it out. Praying about it.

05.04.2016 - ladonna

I'm Cherokee Indian my grandmother always said that cherokees are jewish personally ive always felt the kinship especially since cherokees wrte treated similar

06.04.2016 - Linda

I too have Spanish Jewish ancestry but would like to do the Aliyah for my mothers family she says we were Jewish way back
But her genetetics are definitely Jewish the swarthy skin jet black hair
It must have popped out in herI will get a test when affordable

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