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Dutch Corsairs off the coast of the Pacific Ocean

1623. The Low Countries (Netherlands) were at war whit Spain. Maurice of Nassau Prince of Orange, send toward the coast of peaceful ocean, Dutch corsairs, to attack the Spaniards in the New kingdom of Granada. In one of those ships was my ancestor, he survived the Spanish defense, and the corsair escaped to the jungle of tropical forest, at the present time Ecuador. Since that day until the year 1984 all of their descendants, lived barefoot, in the jungle, they only knew how to write their name.
Roque Antonio Loor, my father decide to leave the jungle to look for work. He arrived to a city called Ambato, in the mountain range of the Andes where I was born, I was lucky to have a good education. My father died defending my life in an assault, I was 19 and my father 45 years, in the same city as my ancestor 382 years ago attacked
Before this happened I began to investigate the origin of my last name since my dad hah different features from other people from Ecuador. His hair was blond; he had green eyes, and white skin. Now I checked the analysis of my DNA , I'm very proud because My haplogroup is R1b, Western European, I belong to the tribe of Celts and my country of origin is Ireland
Now I am a producer of Radio and Television , I am 26 years and I have done all of this whit the support of my mother Lic .Gloria Gavilanes she belongs to haplogroup B central Asia and my uncle Dr. Ruben Gavilanes, He belongs to haplogroup T or k2 phoenicians.

This story has been published on: 06.06.2012

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27.01.2013 - hg T

The lineage of your uncle is of Iberian origin not phoenician.

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