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The DNA profile of Pavel Tsitsianov

Are you related to the former general of the Imperial Russian Army?

Discover a possible family connection with the former general of the Imperial Russian Army and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of a former general of the Imperial Russian Army

Pavel Tsitsianov, born Pavel Dmitrievich Tsitsianov, was a prominent ruler and military officer during the later reigns of Catherine the Great and Emperor Alexander I of Russia. His outstanding military skills and strategic approach to army reform enabled him to achieve several military victories and expand Russian territory.

Tsitsianov was born in Georgia on January 29, 1770. He came from a noble family and was the son of Prince Dimitri Tsitsianov. His father was a well-known military officer whose ancestors came from a noble Georgian family. Very early in his life he started his military career and quickly became one of the leading military officers in the Russian army.

In 1802, Tsitsianov was appointed Governor General of Georgia and successfully fought the Persian attempt to conquer Georgian territory. Through his military successes, Tsitsianov was able to expand the Russian empire and capture the strategically important cities of Baku and Ganya, which provided control over the Caspian Sea in the early 19th century.

The genealogy of Pavel Tsitsianov is as fascinating as his military career. Tsitsianov belonged to the Georgian noble family of Tsitsishvili, which was closely related to the Georgian royal dynasty of Bagrationi. He had several siblings and was married twice. From his first marriage he had two children, and from the second marriage he had two sons and a daughter.

Pavel Tsitsianov was massively involved in the expansion of the Russian Empire in the Caucasus region, but his government was often criticized as well. He acted with a hard-hand rule policy towards the locals, which increased social tensions and eventually led to his downfall. He was assassinated on February 20, 1806, while attempting to hold peace talks with the local Khan of Baku.

The researched genealogy and military career of Pavel Tsitsianov offer insights into a significant period of Russian history. His diplomacy and military prowess have secured his place in the historical record. The complex history and legacy of Tsitsianov remain of great importance in understanding the historical dynamics of the Caucasus region.

Pavel Tsitsianov belonged to haplogroup I-M170 (subgroup I-L596) in the paternal line.

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