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The DNA profile of Grover Cleveland

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The DNA of a President of the United States

Stephen Grover Cleveland was a prominent American lawyer who later became the 22nd and 24th President of the United States of America. Born on March 18, 1837 in Caldwell, New Jersey, Cleveland was the fifth of nine children of Richard Falley Cleveland and Ann Neal Cleveland. He was known for his integrity and his opposition to political corruption and patronage.

Cleveland's genealogy is interesting and diverse. His paternal line goes back to the British Isles, England to be exact. Richard Falley Cleveland, his father, was a Presbyterian minister of Ulster-Scottish descent who came from Connecticut. Ann's ancestors, Grover's mother, were from both the British Isles and Germany.

Cleveland's beginnings as a lawyer eventually led him into politics, where he was mayor of Buffalo and then governor of New York. His reputation as a politician who stood against corruption and for integrity helped secure him the presidency.

His first term as president (1885-1889) was marked by his opposition to excessive government spending and his devotion to reform. He vetoed more bills than any president before him, a fact that reinforces his devotion to fiscal responsibility.

His second term (1893-1897) was marked by economic crises and strikes. Cleveland, a proponent of the gold standard, met these challenges with a combination of conservative economic strategy and strenuous but unsuccessful efforts to curb social unrest. Despite his economic troubles, Cleveland left a lasting impression as a president committed to reform and fiscal responsibility.

Cleveland was also unconventional for a president in his personal relationships. He was the only president to marry in the White House when he married his wife, Frances Folsom. With Frances, he had five children.

Although Cleveland encountered significant political and personal challenges during his career, he left a legacy as a strong advocate of reform and independence in the office of the presidency. His fiscal responsibility remains a hallmark of his presidency today, and his commitment to integrity remains remarkable.

Grover Cleveland's long career and legacy as a two-term non-consecutive serving President is impressive. His genetic story is equally fascinating, reminding us that the roots of our ancestors are deeply embedded in our genetic makeup and are part of our identity.

Grover Cleveland belonged to haplogroup R-M343 (subgroup R1b-L20) in the paternal line.

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